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Release of Indian and Lemon Premium Tonics

Andes Premium Tonic Waters are elaborated with one of Chile's most

prominent Sommelier. Our teams have led a year's search of Organic Herbs that

would blend to the character of the Chilean Natural environment.

The Premium Indian Tonic is a recipe that our teams have worked on extensively, in order to bring a bitter, slightly botanic profile to a perfect fresh Andes Water.

The Chilean Lemon Tonic is derived from the Citrus species named Pica Lemon's,

exclusive to Chile's dry Northern region. A fresh and unique Lemon Tonic.

Embotelladora y Comercializadora AGUAS SANTA AMALIA S.A. 
Isidora Goyenechea 3120 Piso 8 , Las Condes, Santiago, Chile

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Source in a UNESCO BioReserve