The ancestry of this region of southern Chile, is traced back to the Mapuche People,
known to live in harmony with the beauty, purity and abundance of nature.
They named Colico Lake in their native language Agua Clara or "Clear Water"
In 1912, Mrs. Amalia de Silva started using the spring to distribute water
to the few households around the lake.
Providing water of extreme purity and balance of minerals, this spring has been keeping the small local population in excellent health for over a 100 years.
In 2012, a group of entrepreneurs started sharing this beautiful experience
with the rest of the world.
We regard ourselves as "Artisans of water"

Our Approach

Handled with attentive care by our local artisans we ensure that Andes Mountain Water
is the closest experience to drinking directly from the source.
We treat our environment with respect by bottling water at a limited and exclusive volume
that represents less than 0.6% of the total spring flow.