"our care for the environment & the community is unconditional"
We Simply
let the water percolate down the mountain and we redirect less than 0.6% of that source to our bottles
The Plant
is almost entirely powered by hydropower, a renewable and clean energy that produces no pollution
We Actively
support the local community allowing their families and the children access to school and education
90% of our staff
are from the local community and 80% of them are women
Best of B corp
4 years in a row, for our highest standards of social performance, ambient awareness and transparency
True carbon neutral
by end-2021 (100% recyclable energy, 90% use of Carbon Neutral Suppliers, and partners)
Committed to be
100% plastic free by end 2021 (glass bottle, back label printed on the bottle. Aluminium caps using 100% recyclable or bio-based plastic film & ring)